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What is Overseas Health Cover (OSHC)?


What does my OSHC provide? For CBHS customers


OSHC what a gap fees (co-payments)?

A gap fee is an out-of-pocket expense you have to pay when you receive medical treatment that costs more than what you can claim back. To avoid this, please use our preferred providers. Click on the next question to access our preferred providers.


What is an OSHC GP provider?

Under your OSHC, you can access a GP via an online doctor service, a convenient way to speak to a fully qualified GP based in Australia from the comfort of your home via your smartphone or desktop. Or visit any GP within our network. Click question to find how to access an online doctor service or access a GP within our network.


How do I make a claim?

Claiming with CBHS International is simple and efficient, because we’ve made easy and stress-free claiming one of our top priorities for members. It is simple as 1-2-3. Click on the question, and follow the steps.


Does OSHC cover the cost of STI testing and treatment?

Yes, we cover up to 100% of the benefit amount listed in the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS). Contact us and let us know the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) item number and the cost and we can tell you how much will be covered for under your policy. Contact details below.


How much will an STI test cost me?

The cost for STI testing is roughly between $50 and $200 depending on the test and where you go. Contact our Health Assist team if you have any STI test related questions or our International Health team to find out how much you will be reimbursed for. See below for Health Assist team contact details.


How much will treatment for an STI cost me?

Your OSHC will provide some benefits towards the cost of your prescription medications. If the medications are listed on the PBS, your OSHC will subsidise the cost of treatment. Click question to find out more.


How much will PrEP and PEP cost me?

As the medications used in the PrEP and PEP are listed on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS), your OSHC will subsidise the cost of treatment. Click question to find out more.


How much will HIV testing cost me?

The cost for HIV testing is roughly between $50 and $200 – some or all of this will be covered under your OSHC depending on what the charge is. Click question to find out more.


How much will HIV treatment cost me?

The cost of the treatment depends on the type of drug your doctor will be prescribing to you. A very simple way is to enter the drug name and words “private prescription” into a search engine to view the cost. For instance, if you were prescribed Truvada, the average cost is $170 per 30 tablets.


Will my parents know what I have used my OSHC for?

No, only you and those you grant authority to can discuss your membership. When we receive a call or email, we ask for identification to ensure that we are speaking to the correct person before discussing details about the policy. For more information click on the question.


Does OSHC cover the cost of cervical & breast screening? How much will cervical and breast screening cost me?

Yes. We cover 100% Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) however if the GP charges more than the MBS rate – you will have to pay the difference. Learn more about screening process, test cost and how to claim by clicking on the question.


Does my health insurance cover contraception?

No, your OSHC does not cover the cost of contraception prescriptions.


Does OSHC cover the cost of pregnancy care? How much will it cost me?

If you have served your waiting period, contacted CBHS International Health and used a doctor, or obstetrician participating in our Access Gap Cover (AGC) scheme and you are booked at one of our contracted private hospitals, your costs will be minimised. We partner with health care practitioners, service providers and hospitals that provide the best care with the lowest out-of-pocket costs. Contact us as soon as possible to ensure you receive best care for you and baby. See below for contact details and click on question to find out more information.


Does OSHC cover the cost of an abortion? How much will it cost me?

Yes however if you’re planning to have the procedure, it is important to call us first so we can assist with locating a doctor and an agreement hospital. We will advise you what you’re covered for and check that you’ve served any relevant waiting periods. See below for contact details.

This can help you avoid any unnecessary out-of-pocket expenses and allow you to make informed choices and be confident about what to expect when using your cover. Click the question for more information.


Does OSHC cover the cost of interpreters?

No, your OSHC does not cover the cost of interpreters. CBHS International Health has a 24/7 medical, interpreter and personal assistance helpline on 1300 174 538 and press 2.


Who can see details of my OSHC claims?

Only you have access to your claims unless you have provided authority for another person to access your membership on your behalf. Click the question for more about your OSHC and your privacy.


How much gap do you need to pay for prescriptions (ie medicines)?

If you have been prescribed medicine by your doctor, you can submit a claim. See above for how you make a claim. You will be reimbursed up to $50 per an approved prescription item, up to $300 in a calendar year (single) or $600 (couple/family). The benefit paid will be for expenses exceeding the equivalent of the current PBS co-payment amount. Learn more click on the question.


Do you have to pay upfront for sexual and reproductive health care even if you have OSHC?

We have several options available for you to seek sexual and reproductive care. Read more about accessing these services by clicking on the question.


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