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Welcome to the International Student Health Hub!  

The International Student Health Hub was designed by international students and professionals who support students, for international students. The Hub was developed to improve access to sexual and reproductive health information and services. Lots of students told us it was hard to find evidence-based sexual health information.  

The Hub has information on a range of topics including sexual and reproductive health, overseas student health cover, the Australian Health Care System, relationships, contraception and pregnancy, and more! 

We often get asked how students can get involved in the Hub, so we have pulled together a post with all the answers!  

Join the Hub Advisory Group 

As you know, the International Student Health Hub provides international students studying in NSW with trusted and reliable online sexual and reproductive health information and links to services.  

The International Student Health Hub is supported by an Advisory Group of international students who provide guidance, advice and lived experience on how NSW Health can best to support the sexual and reproductive health of students in NSW. This can include reviewing and suggesting topics to include on the Hub, writing monthly blog posts that are featured on the Hub and suggestions on how we can improve the communication of the Hub and reach more students.   

The Advisory Group meets online for one hour once every two months (six times per year) and is constantly on the lookout for international students to join as members. Students will have the opportunity to contribute to a statewide health program, develop writing, communication and health literacy skills, participate in promotion events and learn more about NSW Health. 

To get involved, contact: 


Do you like writing? Become a blog writer! 

We are always on the look-out for students who would like to share their knowledge and support other international students to learn more about sexual health, relationships and more.  

Each month, we feature a new blog post on the Hub – they can be on any sexual and reproductive health topic, or an experience that you have had while here in NSW. Blog writers receive a $150 voucher and their article is featured on the International Student Health Hub.  

To get involved, contact: 


Have feedback on the Hub? 

If you’re not keen on blog writing or don’t have time to join the Hub Advisory Group, we would love to hear from you. If you would like to learn more about a certain topic, or have suggestions on how we can improve the Hub – reach out to us today! 


Join our monthly newsletter 

To stay up to date with the Hub, you can sign up for our monthly newsletter, here