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Finding sexual and reproductive health information and resources that are trustworthy, reliable and culturally responsive for international students is important and can sometimes be challenging to find.

After talking to almost 200 international students in NSW, 90% said they wanted sexual and reproductive health information provided directly from their education providers. We know that information and knowledge is power, so we have created The Kit which a pocket sized version of important sexual and reproductive health information that you can also find on the International Student Health Hub.

What is The Kit?

The Kit is a small folder, about the size of your palm or a smart phone. The Kit contains three sets of information cards on consent and relationships; safe sex and contraception; and STIs and HIV. Importantly, it also come with condoms and lubricant!

Want to know more about the information found inside The Kit? Read on below!

Consent and Relationships

Consent is when one person gives permission to another person to do something. This can be verbally or through positive body language. The Kit provides information on what consent is, how to have the consent conversation as well as information on relationships and sexuality. Want to know more about consent? We wrote a blog about it, read it here!

An intimate relationship is a relationship with someone, or people, who you like in a sexual or intimate way. The Kit answers questions about relationships, what you need to know about healthy relationships, unhealthy relationships as well as what you need to know about break ups. Want to know more about relationship? We wrote a blog about it, read it here!

Safe Sex and Contraception

The Kit answers questions like: Why do people have sex? People may want to have sex for different reasons and that’s their choice. Sex should be safe and enjoyable for everyone.

The Kit then provides information on the four C’s of safe sex: Consent, Contraception, Condoms and Communication. Condoms are a barrier that prevents skin to skin contact and the transfer of body fluids. Condoms should be used every time you have sex. Want to know more about condoms? We wrote a blog about it, read it here!

Contraception is an important part of sexual and reproductive health. Using contraception allows people to have sex while preventing an unplanned pregnancy. Many different methods of contraception are available. It’s important to discuss contraception with a new partner before you decide to have sex. Contraception affects both you and your partner, so you are both responsible for it. Want to know more about contraception? We wrote twos blog about it, read them here!

The Safe Sex & Contraception information cards in The Kit also provide referral links to the NSW Sexual Health Infolink 1800 451 624 and Family Planning NSW’s Talkline 1300 658 886 for more information and support.

STIs and HIV

In The Kit you can find answers to questions like: What are STIs? How do I know if I have an STI? How do I protect myself from STIs? What is Hepatitis B? What is HIV? How do you get HIV? How can I prevent HIV? How do I test for HIV? How do you treat HIV?

You can also find answers to these questions on the STI, Hepatitis and HIV pages on the Hub with translated factsheets in Hindi, Mandarin, Thai and Nepali.

The Kit then provides referral links on where to get more information and support about STIs, HIV and your sexual health. You can visit the NSW Sexual Health Infolink or call on 1800 451 624 to speak to a specialized sexual health nurse. It’s free, confidential, and non-judgmental.

Where can I get The Kit?

The Kit is available on the International Student Health Hub Order Resources page for universities, TAFE, English colleges, student support services, student accommodation, clubs, societies, and anyone working with international students. The Kit has been designed as a resource to give to students at events, on campus or at health services and so is a great incentive resource for student engagement.

The Kit can be ordered for free and comes with a bag of Play Safe condoms and a distribution guide with suggested additional inclusions such as sexual health clinic and overseas student health cover business cards. Once ordered, The Kit will be posted directly to your service.

If you’re a student and want to access The Kit where you’re studying, ask your student support services to order some today!

Do you have questions about sexual health? Why not join the conversation on the Play Safe sex and relationship forum or ask Nurse Nettie a question. Or find out more about STI testing and STI treatment in Sydney and NSW.